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Spike walked into The Asylum, a popular club in Santa Monica, and he thought it well named as it was crawling with undead all night, looking for a bite to eat, and goths looking for someone to bite them.

Spike took a seat at the bar and waited for Jeanette, the club owner,  to come down and meet him. He started to light a cigarette, and noticed the bartender giving him the evil eye, so he opted to wait until later. The bartender came over to tell him that Jeanette would be a little late tonight and she sent a message for Spike not to wait.

"Thanks, Mo."  Spike faked a smile and turned to go outside for a smoke. As he started toward the door, a young gothic looking female approached him and for a moment he thought she might be Kindred.

"Name's Raven," she told him. "Got a light?" Raven pulled a cigarette from her pocket and held it to her dark lipstick covered lips.

He pulled his trusty Zippo from his duster and lit her cigarette, admiring her confidence. Raven took a long drag on her cancer stick and blew the smoke out into the club.

"Havent seen you before. New in town?"  

Spike nodded and lit his cigarette, needing a drag badly. "Might say that. In town on business."  

"Oh, what business you in handsome?"  

"Have an auto shop in LA,"  Spike took another drag on his cigarette and looked around the dance floor.  

"You want to dance," Raven asked?   

"No thanks," said Spike.  

"Or maybe you're thirsty," Raven ran her fingers through her long black hair and tossed it behind her back. "What was the name again?"  

Spike noticed how pale she looked in the club's lights and how her milky white flesh seemed to be calling to him. Raven took his hand and led him to the stairs behind the dance floor and up to the upper level.
There was one guy up there looking out at the dance floor, and Raven led Spike to a dark corner of the dining area to "talk."  

"Now then," she said, putting her arms around him. "What was your name again?"


The lights were low and the music was loud. And all the other goths were dancing down stairs except...

"Got a light?" The stranger was beside him with a cigarette. Spike was annoyed mostly that he had not heard the man approaching. He turned and lit his cigarette then looked him in the eye and compelled him to "See to it we are not disturbed again, okay mate."   

The stranger nodded and went downstairs. Then Spike looked at the young girl again.

"I scratch your back, you scratch mine?" Raven smiled.

"Oh you want a favor yeah?"  

"Just eternity," she said.   

"I don't just turn every pretty snack I run into luv."  Spike looked at the young girl and suddenly felt very thirsty. Maybe it was her low cut blouse or her milky flesh. Or maybe it was the D cups.  

"You sire me now and I'll owe you one," she stroked his cheek and looked longingly into his eyes.  

"You bet you will, luv." Spike stroked her hair and moved it out of the way as he vamped out and sank his teeth into her. It only takes a few seconds to feed from a vessel and it wasn't long before Raven was feeling a bit drowsy.

"Oh no, luv. No time for napping. You have to feed now." Spike bit his lip and kissed her slowly, bleeding into her mouth. "Drink up my pretty."  

As Raven began to drink, she felt her strength returning and then some. The bloodlust called to her, and she began to drink more.

"That's enough," said Spike, pushing her off of him. "Few rules you have to follow now. Be invisible. Do not reveal yourself to anyone. Our existence is top secret. The masquerade must be kept at all times. Also, do not kill anyone. Can't have corpses popping up all over the place. In the future I may need a favor from you, you will comply without question. These rules are not optional. If you break them the Prince will have your head or I will take it myself. Comprende?"

"Yes of course." Raven smiled. "As you wish, master."

"Master? No luv. Just call me Spike, yeah?"
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January 26, 2012


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